3 takeaways about Gen Z and coffee

3 takeaways about Gen Z and coffee

Generation Z is the group of Americans born from the 1990s to the 2010s. They would be late 20 to about 12 years old now. So they are young, still in school and have only known a world dependent on cell phones, laptops internet, apps and social media influence. 

But do they drink coffee yet? I remember as a little girl wanting to drink coffee because it seemed so adult. But it was off limits to me until I was an older teenager around 16/17. Today Gen Z starts drinking coffee at an earlier age.

1.Average age to start on coffee  is about 13/14 years old.

2. Gen Z learns about a lot of coffee trends on Tik Tok.

3. They are introduced to coffee usually with cold coffee drinks.

Starbucks or Dunkin  has so many flavors and additions it's almost not even like coffee any more. I'm sure this super sweet coffee is not the best morning habit for kids. So if you are ready  to introduce your teens to coffee, try a pure cup of coffee. Try an Italian espresso. smooth, small and strong. 


The source of these trends come from the websiteThe Future of Coffee Market Report - Trends and Analysis (mintel.com)


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