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The Sexiest Grown Up Dessert

The easiest, most elegant dessert EVER!

Affogato al caffe. Imagine you are in a sea of silky sweet cream with waves of dark rich coffee and floating rocks of chocolate. That is to drown in coffee.


Make a strong brew of espresso from an espresso machine or a moka. Allow it to cool.

Pre-curl your chocolate curls from a top quality bar of chocolate.

Scoop the best quality vanilla ice cream into a martini glass. Sprinkle with the chocolate curls. For different versions you can use chopped nuts or crumbled cookies on top.

Bring your guest the glass of ice cream and the small espresso cup of coffee. They can drown their own ice cream themselves. A bit of culinary drama at your next dinner party.

I suggest this Italian high quality brand, illy, to make a rich, aromatic cup of espresso!

Or a decaf Italian coffee for that evening meal.

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