A Cool Coffee for the Summer Heat

A Cool Coffee for the Summer Heat

A cool coffee is a summer delight. So this summer try these two recipes with Italian coffee. One with Torani Classic Caramel syrup and Two with coffee ice cubes and Bailey's Irish Cream.

Sweet Tooth Coffee Cocktail

1 cup of cold Illy brand decaf  Italian coffee

1 Tablespoon of Torani caramel syrup

3 Tablespoons of good quality Brandy liquor

an orange peel ready to zest

crushed or shaved  ice

In a tall tumbler glass add cold coffee, Torani caramel syrup, and brandy.  Take the orange peel and twist over glass to release the orange essence. Add more caramel syrup if you want it very sweet.  Stir and then add crushed or shaved ice. Serve with a thin, twisted orange  peel to decorate.


FYI : decaf coffee is best for cocktail recipes so late into the night you can have more than one glass!


Drunken Coffee Cocktail

10 cups of espresso cold coffee

Bailey's Irish liquor

Make your espresso, illy brand, and let it cool. Pour the coffee into ice cube trays and freeze overnight.

In a large whiskey tumbler break the frozen coffee ice cubes and then pour over a shot of Bailey's liquor. 

*Using a decaf coffee reduces the caffeine buzz for evening coffee drinking.


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