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Bullet Proof Coffee

Bullet Proof and the Dave Asprey Revolution

A buzz word in the world of food today besides Keto diet, intermittent fasting, and no carbs is bullet proof coffee. Start your day like a superhero or a bio hacker. I have dipped my toe in the bio hacking world with diet modification and nutrient supplementation. But my love of cooking and food and cultural traditions pulls me off track occasionally. A slip into baking pies and making pasta dishes. But it is surprisingly easy to stick to intermittent fasting when you include the appropriate fat that is high quality to your diet. The bullet in bullet coffee is some high quality fat like pure coconut oil or grass fed butter. Dave Asprey developed and coined this term after a trip to Tibet. This ancient culture through long-term trial and error had seen that butter tea drinks were beneficial.  Asprey has even stated that bullet proof coffee boosts his IQ score and can improve cognition and speed weight loss. On his blog he writes about an Italian study that expresses the health benefits of espresso coffee

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