Coffee Date?

Coffee Date?

An Ethiopian cafe could be a new spin on the classic coffee date.  Suggest meeting there to try Ethiopian coffee. The origins of coffee is a great conversation starter. I love a quick first date... friendly, safe, easy for a late sunday morning or a saturday afternoon meet up. You can test the chemistry while having a good cup of coffee. 

Talk travel, have you ever been to East Africa? Do you like to try new foods when you travel? What's your travel style, adventure backpacking or luxury getaways?Then maybe a next date could be a step up. Ethiopian restaurant?

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony - Memories of Ethiopia - Memories of Ethiopia


Pictured above is the Jebena, a traditional Ethiopian coffee vessel.

"This elongated pitcher is the centerpiece of Ethiopia’s elaborate coffee ceremony, held multiple times a day in some homes. Raw, green beans are washed and roasted over a fire, then roughly ground with a mortar and pestle. They then are added to the decanter-liked jebena, where they brew in boiling water. A full tray of cups are filled with a single high pour to help keep the grounds from flowing through the spout. The same grounds are used for three rounds of coffee, with the third and lightest cup conveying a blessing."  Christopher Kimball's MILK STREET Magazine



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