Italian Coffee and Cookies

Italian Coffee and Cookies

Coffee and cookies, a perfect break from the work day. All over the world it's a favorite combination. Which country will influence your next coffee break... Turkey, Ethiopia, France, Colombia, US or Italy?

I love a big mug of American coffee with a soft chewy brownie? Usually...  yes. 

italian cookies for coffee

.....But occasionally I want a small strong cup of Italian espresso with a small crunchy sweet Italian cookie. At home if you don't have an espresso maker that's expensive and big taking up room on your kitchen counter then try the classic MOKA. The moka is old domestic tradition in Italy. See my blog on how to use this marvelous example of Italian kitchen engineering.

The moka is small, easy and makes a good cup of Italian coffee. Try using this Italian brand Illy of coffee made precisely for the moka. In Italy the grind of the coffee is specific to the coffee making method. So when making Italian coffee at home you need a coffee ground for the moka. 


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