Coffee in Your Cocktail?

Coffee in Your Cocktail?


This is the best coffee cocktail ever...

The ice cubes clinking, murmurs of people chatting and music low in the background….This is the sound of a good  party. Maybe Daina Krall or Billy Holiday on play.  So here is a coffee recipe for a snowy winter evening alone or a cocktail party with friends. I suggest you use Illy coffee for a dark rich coffee. Shop here to order Illy coffee and it will be delivered right to your door step!

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Drunken Coffee Cocktail

10 cups of espresso cold coffee

Baileys liquor

Make your espresso, illy brand, and let it cool. Pour the coffee into ice cube trays and freeze overnight.

In a large whiskey tumbler break the frozen coffee ice cubes and then

pour over a shot of Baileys liquor. A holiday cocktail for those Christmas Brunch meals. *Using a decaf coffee makes the caffine buzz much more reduced for evening coffee drinking.


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