It's Cupping Season...

It's Cupping Season...






The term for coffee tasting is cupping. It's the art of comparison. If we remove some variables like the coffee ground, time brewing, and the amount of water, we can evaluate the coffee and maybe even understand the coffee bean's origin.

The words experts and connoisseurs use to describe blends and coffee flavors can be wild, pretentious, descriptive, and also just plain spot on. 

If you tasted just 3 to 5 coffees in a row, you too would sense the difference. And you too can come up with your own descriptive words. Is this coffee from Kenya, Congo, or Guatemala? Can you describe the flavor, body, and finish?

I prefer smooth yet dark and toasty flavors in coffee. I drink my coffee black and so I sense a lot of these subtle differences. When I occasionally add cream then caramel and deep toasty flavors are best with the cream.

I suggest  buying Illy Italian whole bean coffee for the coffee lover who wants this smooth rich taste. When you buy a whole bean you can control the grind and ensure the freshest coffee taste.

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