To Eat or Not Eat

To Eat or Not Eat

  • use angles
  • zoom in
  • flood the scene with natural light
  • focus on the food
  • create a style or look

All these tips will help you make your Instagram pictures better. You could start a trend and get millions of likes and views. Maybe you'll go viral with your perfect cappuccino. Yes, maybe and I hope that for you as well.

I use all of that on my Barista Diva Instagram account @BaristaDivaChristine.

I would say let's enjoy the pictures on social media but not forget to enjoy the food. Most of the time we need to eat first and put our phones away at the table. Cook and make beautiful food at home to celebrate and enjoy good food for ourselves. And let's bring back eating and cooking at home over eating chef style food out or  picture taking in cafes and restaurants. Here is a high quality coffee you can use at home to make great coffee. Or the ultimate lux box full of good things to take home. What to eat?

You'll need:

some good food recipes

great quality  ingredients

your home kitchen

time and love

hungry friends and family

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