Fall means Pumpkin Spice and Thanksgiving

Fall means Pumpkin Spice and Thanksgiving

 And a great cup of coffee.

The classic American Thanksgiving meal celebrates Pie. Pumpkin or Apple or Pecan are the most popular. But I could add Sweet Potato, Cranberry, Chocolate, Boston Cream or Vanilla Bourbon Custard.  Warm coffee and a warm piece of pie that towers high on the plate is  just heaven. 

So as Thanksgiving approaches we need to get our pie making techniques up to scratch. The American pumpkin pie and its cinnamon and nutmeg spice is the fundamental intro to Fall. Pumpkin spice is everywhere. 

I have a few secrets to share with you for this holiday classic.  On my Youtube channel  cboya’s hip kitchen. Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Pumpkin Pie! how to make the best pumpkin pie.

A perfect pumpkin pie for this holiday season. Watch and follow along with me how to make a really good pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. 

Then you can sit down to enjoy your pie and Lavazza coffee.

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