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Can you Afford Coffee Anymore?

Why is coffee in cafes so expensive in the US? Average cost of a coffee is $2.70

Coffee as a raw material is not expensive, either is milk or sugar . . . so why when you walk into Starbucks you can't leave without dropping $5 or more. On what? a tall latte is $2.95. Why? Most people spend between $3.43 and $4.43 at the popular cafe.

In Italy where coffee culture is huge and the quality is top notch, coffee in cafes is well priced.

About 1.20 euro for an espresso ($1.34) 

A cappuccino is about 1.80 euro ($2.01)

An even better morning price is coffee we make at home. If you buy coffee at $13.00 and it lasts 10 to 14 days then we have seriously reduced our coffee budget. Food for thought.

Where to get high quality Italian coffee? BaristaDiva coffee Lavazza, a classic mellow flavour. You can drink coffee like an Italian and save money.

Use it in the moka or your drip coffee machine or the french press.






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