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What can we  learn from Italian coffee moderation?


If you asked me, is coffee good for you, I would say a resounding yes, BUT in moderation.

Moderation is the hallmark of the Italian healthy, high quality, traditional food culture. Coffee is consumed in small amounts. A cappuccino in the morning only. They are small. Or small espressos through the day. They key word here is small. They drink it quick in the bar, not in gallon sizes with similar gallon sizes of cream, sugar, flavorings, etc. They do not drink coffee in the car, in front of the computer, or just walking around so that it becomes a constant intake of caffeine and sugar. The outcomes from these 2 different cultural habits are that people in Italy enjoy coffee, but are healthy and fit compared to Americans who are not.

A New York Times article by Dawn Mackeen has broken down some of the current ideas about coffee and health.

“Potential benefit from coffee might be from the polyphenols, which are plant compounds that have antioxidant properties, according to Dr. Giuseppe Grosso, an assistant professor in human nutrition at University of Catania in Italy and the lead author of an umbrella review in the Annual Review of Nutrition.”

So, if you are drinking a cold brew or lattes or bullet proof coffee or an espresso, think moderation. Drink coffee like an Italian. Here you can buy one of Italy's most loved brands, Lavazza.


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